About us

About Sahyam Foundation

Welcome to Sahyam Foundation, a beacon of compassion and positive change founded in 2017. Our journey is rooted in a commitment to address healthcare disparities and empower the underprivileged communities. Led by the dynamic duo, Dr.MeghaShivraj Jadhav and Dr.Shivraj Jadhav, Sahyam Foundation is making waves in Airoli and Navi Mumbai regions of Mumbai Metropolis in Maharashtra.

Our Journey

Our roots in community service began during free check-up camps, where financial challenges hindered access to essential treatments. Witnessing this, we secured funds, offered free treatments, and discounts to the underprivileged communities.

In 2021, we took complete ownership of Sahyam Foundation, steering it in a new direction to create a lasting impact on healthcare and society. Realizing the growing need for doctors to serve the underprivileged communities, we initiated an engagement with the healthcare community, leading to the birth of our flagship program - 'Empowering Healing Hands.'


To create a society where healthcare is universal, and compassion thrives, fostering a community of empowered medical professionals and positive transformation.


Empowering lives through comprehensive support, collaboration, continuous learning, and community impact. Bridging gaps, providing medical assistance, and supporting aspiring and practicing doctors for a healthier, and more compassionate world.