• Welcome to the
    Sahyam Foundation
  • Welcome to the
    Sahyam Foundation
  • Welcome to the
    Sahyam Foundation
  • Welcome to the
    Sahyam Foundation

Welcome to Sahyam Foundation
Empowering Communities Through Elevating Healthcare Ecosystem

Discover a world of compassionate healthcare, education, and empowerment at Sahyam Foundation. Established in 2017 and led by Dr. Megha Shivraj Jadhav and Dr. Shivraj Jadhav, we are dedicated to creating a positive societal impact. Explore our initiatives, join us in making a difference, and be a part of our mission to build a healthier and more empowered community.

About Sahyam Foundation

Sahyam Foundation emerged from a commitment to societal well-being. Initially addressing the common man’s healthcare challenges during free check-up camps, we evolved into a force for organized societal welfare. Taking ownership in 2021, we redirected our efforts, focusing on empowering the healthcare community. Explore our journey and witness the transformation.

People behind Sahyam Foundation

Meet the dynamic duo shaping Sahyam Foundation's impact – Dr.MeghaShivraj Jadhav, a seasoned gynecologist, entrepreneur, and social crusader, and Dr.Shivraj Jadhav, a compassionate healer and purposeful leader. Their commitment to affordable healthcare and societal upliftment is the driving force behind our initiatives.

Doctor Sahaya Program

Under 'Empowering Healing Hands,' the 'Doctor Sahayya' initiative empowers doctors at the grassroots level. It includes a medical library project, awareness camps, skill-based workshops, and educational programs, ensuring continuous learning opportunities for the medical community.

Other Initiatives

Medical Camp

Experience transformative healthcare with our Medical Camps. Led by Dr.MeghaShivraj Jadhav, these camps provide free check-ups, consultations, and health awareness sessions, ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Medical Help

Sahyam Foundation provides support to patients for necessary treatments, making healthcare accessible to all. Discover our commitment to holistic medical assistance.

Education & Vocational Training

Beyond healthcare, our initiatives focus on education and vocational training, creating opportunities for skill development and empowerment.

Other Events

Explore a range of events that foster community well-being and awareness. Stay tuned for updates on impactful initiatives and collaborations.

Contribute / Join Initiative

Your support is vital in creating a positive impact. Contribute or join our initiatives to make a lasting difference in healthcare and education. Together, let's build a healthier and empowered society.