Dr.Megha Shivraj Jadhav
Healing Hearts, Transforming Communities

A Visionary Gynaecologist and Obstetrician: With a legacy spanning 15 years, Dr.Megha Shivraj Jadhav stands as a revered name in Navi Mumbai's healthcare landscape. Her commitment to providing compassionate and affordable healthcare has been the cornerstone of her illustrious career.

Director & Co-founder of Dr. Jadhav Multi-specialty Hospital: In 2011, Dr.Megha co-founded Dr. Jadhav Multi-specialty Hospital, a 20-bed facility that has grown to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions in gynaecology and obstetrics, orthopedics, neurology, oncology, and more. Her relentless mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all has shaped the hospital's ethos.

Trustee & Director of Sahyam Foundation: A testament to her commitment to social welfare, Dr.Megha serves as the Trustee & Director of Sahyam Foundation since 2017. Under her guidance, Sahyam Foundation organizes health check-ups, awareness camps, raises funds for patient treatments, and creates employment opportunities, catalyzing positive change in the community.

Accolades and Recognition: Dr.Megha's impactful contributions have earned her prestigious accolades, including the Women’s Achievers Award for her substantial social work, and the Lokmat Covid Warrior Award in recognition of providing uninterrupted healthcare services during the challenging times of the pandemic.

A Modern-Day Renaissance Woman: Beyond her professional achievements, Dr.Megha epitomizes the spirit of a modern-day renaissance woman. Balancing multiple roles as a mother, doctor, entrepreneur, and social worker, her story is an inspiration. Her unwavering commitment to affordable healthcare and dedication to uplifting the underprivileged through Sahyam Foundation showcase her belief that with determination and compassion, positive change can be achieved.

Dr.Shivraj Jadhav
A Surgical Maestro, Compassionate Doctor & Purposeful Leader

A Surgical Maestro, Compassionate Doctor & Purposeful Leader: Dr.Shivraj Jadhav, a visionary in healthcare, embarked on a mission to democratize quality healthcare. Departing from a role in a corporate hospital, he, along with his wife Dr.Megha Jadhav, established Dr. Jadhav Multi-specialty Hospital in 2011. Under his leadership, the hospital prioritizes assembling an outstanding team of doctors and integrating cutting-edge technology for superior patient care.

Community Impact: Originating from a humble background, Dr.Shivraj's struggles deeply connected him with the common man's hardships, particularly the financial challenges faced in corporate hospitals.

Through Dr. Jadhav Multi-specialty Hospital and Sahyam Foundation, both Dr.Shivraj and his wife, Dr.Megha, have undertaken numerous initiatives to offer support and healthcare solutions to the broader community.

Trustee & Director at Sahyam Foundation: As a Trustee &Director at Sahyam Foundation, Dr.Shivraj continues his commitment to societal well-being. The foundation, under his leadership, arranges health check-ups, awareness camps, raises funds for patient treatments, and provides employment opportunities, catalyzing positive change in the community.

Leadership Beyond Medicine:Dr.Shivraj Jadhav is not only a healthcare leader but also actively engages in social initiatives. He holds leading positions at social institutions, including being a Director at Lions Club (Airoli). His story is a testament to passion, perseverance, and a profound commitment to transforming healthcare for the betterment of society.